Our Philosophy

We believe that when we inhabit beautiful spaces, it makes us want to be better people. We believe that our homes are more than just a place to live - they are our haven, our sanctuary. So when we renovate, it is more than just our work. It is our gift to the family that will make that home  their island of tranquility in a chaotic world. And by creating that beautiful space for them we hope that we are making our world a little bit better.

Igor Kulish

Several years ago I left my teaching career to focus full time on my passion: taking dilapidated, outdated, unappealing houses and turning them into functional, modern and beautiful homes. When I am in between projects, I bring that expertise to helping homeowners create warm and inviting living spaces for entertaining friends and family and enjoying on their own.

Natalia Piankovska

As the designer and stager my role is to re-envision dysfunctional outdated houses and help them become homes people will want to own. I work with Igor to redesign the layout, choose paint colors, cabinets, countertops, flooring, fixtures and other finishes for all of our flips. At the end of the project, after Igor finishes making my vision a reality, I also stage the property and get it ready for sale.